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like ive been so braindead lately ..
just been through alot .
ive still managed to do some pretty cool things being braindead i guess but still .. not fun ..

i just want to be able to sit and be.
the tao te ching teachs that if i were to be able to go out and do things then i would have to know how to just sit and be first.
things like that.
it shouldnt have taken this long but, i really do think that its worth it to remain on your own path in life and not follow others.
thats how you start to lose yourself, the second you try to be somebody else.
just be yourself ^ _ ^
do what YOU do best. not what others tell you. thats where you begin to lose it is when you follow another life like you dont have your own.
you were placed here for a reason. if you do not respect that and use the life you were given then it just sits there waiting for you to come back to it until you do.
if you DO respect that and embrace your own life and do things with it that are YOU and ONLY you then the things that you are capable of are limitless, they ARE infinite.
just dont push yourself too hard ^ _ ^
ive done alot of thinking in my life, i have accomplished alot, internally and externally. enough to know that these things are true.
enough to know that they should not be taken lightly, taken advantage of or abused.
just do you. dont worry about what others have to say. they say those things for other reasons that would take you forever to even figure out. so why bother?


Roi'ikka-Ta Globetrotter
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
i have exotic looks, i guess .. yes, that is how i actually look and no my photographs are not manipulated/pushed or smeared in any odd way.

i like to take photographs of scenes right now .. mostly architecture and the forests, statues and such since there are alot of those things where i am right now .

most of my photographs are either edited so you can tell they are or are made to look and feel like it was if you were actually there (a form of photography that i, myself, created) ..

i am also a music producer. you can check out my current tracks here:

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