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Roi'ikka-Ta Globetrotter
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm Roi'ikka-Ta. It means "Great child of the Sun" .. ..

I photograph scenes where I am, at the moment. I see it as a way to show the world somehow, what I see and what I think and what I do .. .. ..

I grew up around the arts and music composition and performance
I guide and teach with who I am and my visions
I am a Taoist (by religion)

I am also a music producer.
Check out my current tracks here if you want :

And this is my home website down below.


Again, thank you ALL for the llama badges .. I LOVE THEM .. .. ALL of them .. every time you give me one ..

Thank you ^ _ ^ <33
Just updated my bio on here .

Hadn't really sat down to figure out how to do it .

I'm making alot of adjustments right now to my new place I just moved into the January that just passed this year. After that I plan on doing more photography and such so I'll see you all then.

Please keep in mind that I don't do visitors solely on deviantArt. This isn't a competition and I have no plans of "competing" with other artists for more views or comments or whatever. . It takes away from the originality of the work and it becomes about what people want to see and it drains out the original feeling of the works until it dwindles down to nothing ..
im trying to find a new camera to get
i took mine back to the pawn shop and ive been using my galaxy s2 lately ..
im thinking if i keep taking it to the pawn shop, maybe i dont want it anyway ..
i guess its time for a new one ^ _ ^
also, im looking at different ways to travel around the area around here. its a long story, so, hold tight ..
ive been thinking lately ..
there is sso much out there on these social networking sites that its almost mind numbing ..
i havent been using them as much lately cuz i dont even know what to do with them ..
im not trying to give them a point cuz people are just going to take it and run with it and they keep people from the real world in the first place .. they just suck you in ..
im not trying to promote having the whole world be like that movie "surrogates" with bruce willis where you sit in your chair like a fat piece of lard and it hooks your brain up to your robot and you go out into the world ..
the least i can at least ..
there is always problems everywhere but that is beside the point ..
why do what everyone else is doing if you have other ways and not DOING those other ways is just going to make everything that much harder for you, generally speaking .. ..
Again, thank you ALL for the llama badges .. I LOVE THEM .. .. ALL of them .. every time you give me one ..

Thank you ^ _ ^ <33


jennypoussin Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
COOL photography Roiikkata! :)
roiikkata Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
**gulp!** thanks ^ _ ^
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